A Brief History of Sutherland Lodge of Unity

Sutherland Lodge of Unity No 674 was consecrated on 26th July 1839.
It had been intended to call the lodge the Sutherland Lodge but our brothers in Burslem pipped us to the post.
The meetings were set on the 3rd. Friday of the month anecdotally “so that the full moon would light their homeward journey”

 Its first master was William Mason and they met at the Castle Hotel, Newcastle.
The number 674 was used until 1863 when we were renumbered 460.
The number 460 had previously been that of Oxford’s University Apollo Lodge
We remained the only Masonic Lodge in the borough until 1920, when John O’ Gaunt Lodge No 4054 was consecrated, also meeting at the Castle Hotel.

In 1946 Sutherland Lodge of Unity and John O’ Gaunt moved to Pepper Street, Newcastle after purchasing what had previously been the Newcastle Liberal Club for £510.
Castellum Lodge No 6710 joined us in 1948

We remained in these premises until 1961 when they were compulsory purchased by Newcastle Borough Council to make room for the Newcastle by-pass.

Sutherland Lodge of Unity then moved to Clayton Lodge where we remained until July 2004 having been joined in1967 by Seagrim Lodge No 8161

Stone Masonic centre then offered us a temporary home until our new premises were completed in Garden Street Newcastle in 2009
Sutherland Lodge of unity are very fortunate to possess a lot of historical regalia among which are

The Gavel square and level

This was donated in 1852 soon after George IV used it to lay the foundation stone of Windsor Castle
They have since been used locally to lay foundation stones on many occasions including the NSRI in1866 the municipal Hall in 1888 Longton library, St Marks church, the Cripples Clinic the medical institute, the nurse Home and was last used in1965 for the Municipal Offices.
They were offered to Windsor Castle following the restoration   after the fire of 1992.
The Chains of Office

Picture of a chain

These were a gift from Conneticut Lodge No 67 in 1902 to celebrate the coronation of Edward VII

Aslars and working tools

Picture of Ashlars

These were presented to the lodge by serving brethren at the same time.